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If you have any inside knowledge about the sport’s beginning, or anything else to add for that matter, please send me an e-mail so I can get the story straight.

Surface Tricks

Surface tricks are tricks that are performed while the board is on the surface of the water.


Searching on the web, I found the following short definition of wakeboarding:

Wake Skate Tricks

Shoot the Duck: Put back hand on board and lift back leg off


Inverts are wakeboarding tricks that are performed when the boarder goes upside down while in the air.


Interesting Facts & Figures About Wakeboarding:

Tricks are performed on the surface of the water as well as in the air. The most spectacular tricks, known collectively as inverts, are generally performed by launching oneself in the air and going inverted. For further details, visit the wakeboard inverts, wakeboard grabs, wakeboard spins or surface tricks page.

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A wakeboarding boat

A wakeboarding boat is [expensive… and] similar to a water ski boat except that the boat is heaver, has a different shape (to create a larger wake) and has a tower or pole to which the rope is normally mounted. For those that cannot afford wakeboard-specific boats, large sacks filled…

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What is Wakeboarding?

Searching on the web, I found the following short definition of wakeboarding: 1. wakeboard — a buoyant board (resembling a surfboard) that is used to ride over water while being pulled behind a motorboat However, it’s not that simple! It never is… Like water skiing, which most people are at…

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What People Say

He first person to perform a unique trick in competition gets to name it – hence a strange variety of names.

John Smith